As we enter into the Triduum and the holiest days of our liturgical year, I wanted to share a unique effort to communicate to our bishops and priests. As a ministry on the front lines, we have learned some valuable lessons and been blessed to build new approaches to communicate, to care for one another, and to build teamwork.

We have created a website titled “Shepherd’s Hour of Need,” that serves as a resource to (arch) bishops, vicar generals, CFOs, and priests around the country. It shares ideas, opportunities, stories from our cemetery and funeral staff on the front lines, the COVID-19 training course that can be shared with their staff, and many more items that we hope will be of use to dioceses around the country during this difficult time. 

You can visit the site at

We want our bishops and priests to know that we are here to help. We are inspired to respond in new and creative ways, working hard to engage as a virtual, evangelizing church challenged only by the limitations of our imagination. 

May all of you find peace and inspiration as we journey to Easter.