I just wanted to follow-up today’s town hall with a copy of the recording: CFCS National Town Hall April 7, 2020. John Miller was kind enough to break it into two recordings, the presentation by Dr. Jim Langley, followed by a recording of the Mass and my short message. A special thank you to Gary Schaaf and John Miller, Dr. Jim Langley, and Father Tom Scherer.

You’ll notice that I entitled today’s communication, Living in the Present, as Dr. Langley provided so many insights on how to reduce anxiety at this time and how to be present to our families and one another.

Thank you for all who were able to attend. It meant a lot to each of us to be able to gather together. As I watched Dr. Langley’s presentation, I realized that it is one that can be shared with family, friends, and colleagues, as we are all going through very similar emotions during this time. I will be watching it again tonight with my wife.

May each of you have a blessed Holy Week with your families and staff.

With blessings and gratitude,