I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As we begin Holy Week, we have heard many warnings that this will be a painful week during the pandemic due to the increasing loss of life. This is certainly a hard time for each of us, as we all know too well the personal stories of loss that families share. It is also especially hard as we begin Holy Week. It is a time like no other in our lives.

Tomorrow, we have arranged a CFCS National Town Hall meeting (the link and invite is listed below this email if you didn’t receive it). Catholic psychologist, Dr. Jim Langley, will speak with our CFCS “family” across the country. He will be speaking to both the personal and professional toll that this pandemic is taking on all of us. I mentioned the word “family” because all of us share our work with our spouse and/or family. It is very appropriate to invite your family to attend the webinar and mass that will follow.

Personal Questions 

I have asked all of our directors to reach out to their staff to collect questions for Dr. Jim Langley. We will have some of the directors on the call as panelists to lend a voice to your questions. As well, Zoom allows for questions to be asked via their chat function.

Lastly, if there are questions that you have that Jim can’t answer ask about CFCS I will try to answer them as time permits, possibly after we celebrate Mass.

I hope and pray that each of you is well.

With blessings and gratitude,