Hi Everyone,

This week I have been talking about social connection and social solidarity. I am reminded of how important friends are. As events around us get stressful, I need to remind myself to focus on the positive and to do those things that will make some positive impact, even little, for the good of all. My friends and wife are good at reminding me to keep things light. Who does that for you? Who can you do that for?

Today I am forwarding information put together by another friend of mine. The reminder I received was that you can reduce anxiety by getting factual information. You can feel better about yourself if you accomplish a goal, or work on self-improvement. And last but not least, you can feel better, when you take time to reflect on beauty and art.

Recently I was texted some “helpful” information about ways to prevent or combat the coronavirus. Thankfully, another friend from the group-text quickly sent a link that confirmed the information was a myth. These myths, especially during a pandemic can be dangerous.  It’s natural to seek information but it’s critical we avoid reacting to or spreading myths that are circulating about the outbreak. Rather, continue to rely on reputable resources such as the World Health Organization (WHO)Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and your local Department of Health and follow their guidelines.

We are social creatures and thrive in community. We like to know what to expect. This makes the current call for social distancing quite challenging. Focus on what you can control. Below are some resources you might find helpful to incorporate into your at-home experience.

Focus on feeling valued and connected. Make a to-do list each day.

  • What 2-3 three things will you accomplish today?
  • With whom will you connect (include colleagues, friends, and family) today? Choose audio and/or video rather than text or email.

Make time for learning. Check-out the LinkedIn Learning Library for topics that interest you. Here are some Microsoft tools where employees often seek to increase their skills:

Better yet, go to the CFCS Learning Management System (LMS) and look over the courses offered. Maybe you want to create a “to-do” list of things that you want to work on – both now and when things return to normal.

Take care of yourself. Did you know March is National Nutrition Month?

Look for beauty and embrace gratitude when possible. Turn off the news. Listen to music.

Take one day at a time. Until tomorrow.

With blessing and gratitude,