Hi Everyone,

So here we are…another Tuesday as we settle into the workweek. First a word about Mondays. I’ve been through 7 of them since shelter-in-place began. They seem to be tough, right? They are harder than Mondays before the pandemic. Every week I feel like I have to re-set and begin anew trying to figure out what is going on in the world. It is like we are in the middle stages of a marathon, hoping that we might see the finish line a lot sooner than we know is likely.

Today I wanted to keep the message short and sweet. Let’s continue to appreciate spring and the warming temperatures everywhere around us. I decided to send along a bit more humor from our friends at Catholic Extension. There are a number of funny sides. Also, there are numerous links to videos that promise to make you smile and realize we are all in this together. You can see the slides by clicking the Humor-Tuesday link below.

Our prayers continue for each of you, with thanksgiving to God who is ever-present with us as we serve families at this difficult time.

With blessings and gratitude,