Hi Everyone,

How many of us forget what day of the week it is?

I don’t know how it is for you, but I’ve been looking back at the last 8 weeks trying to figure out how my routine has changed. There isn’t a week that goes by that my wife and I have to remind ourselves of the day. Why is that? 

So here my routine…I do know that Mondays are tough. In fact, I routinely get asked how I am doing on Mondays, maybe because we all want to know if anyone has some good news or bad news that they woke up to. Tuesday through Thursday seem to be the days that we try to build on – sticking to routines, trying to get projects done, and just keeping spirits up. Fridays can be tough too. I want to be productive, but there is this idea that the weekend is right here and that it is going to be free and easy. Not really the case, but it feels like a chance to escape the impact of the virus. On Fridays, I do see the effects of the week in the eyes of staff. Often everyone just seems worn out.

Saturdays are my day to try to transition – maybe get something accomplished that gives meaning to my life outside of the workweek.  Sundays are that day of family, celebration, reflection and prayer. And then it starts out again…

In light of all this, I have been finding that positive messages really do help us through our day, especially as the week begins. I have been learning to rely upon friends, colleagues, and family to mine for little tidbits to share and pass along. Our friends at Catholic Extension continue to come through every week…

I have grown to appreciate Catholic Extension’s weekly Humor Tuesday. It became so popular with their 40 staff members that they moved it to Mondays. I thought about moving it up this week, but yesterday seemed like a good day to carry on with a little Mother’s Day celebration. You’ll notice in the slide deck below some fun with “Windows into the World of Motherhood”.

A special prayer today for all of our working mothers who are caring for children while holding down their day job. May God continue to grant you special graces and patience!

With blessings and gratitude,